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So, lately I've been taking notice to how people dress, particularly women (yeah, I'm not really in to looking at guys). And, around here, they're all like clones. Apparently there is three things you MUST have to, I dunno... exist in society? Ugg boots. Northface jacket. Coach purse. Come on, people. I mean, not that it looks bad or anything, but when I see a group of girls walking in the mall, all looking identical... there's just something downright eerie and wrong about that. I was fine with it at first, but now that I see it more and more... it's beginning to irk me, and even becoming a little irritating.

I'm beginning to develop some sort of weird fascination with noticing it. First, I spot the the black fleece North Face jacket. Then, sure enough, I look down to check for the coach purse, which always seems to be there. Lastly, I check for the Ugg boots... without which the whole outfit would seemingly crumble. What ever happened to people wanting to be original... and unique?

And BTW, no offense to anyone reading this who chooses to dress like this, but, the women and teenagers alike all seem to have conformed to this clone-like style of dressing. Cheers to all who know they can be cool and NOT have to look like a clone!
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